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December 13, 2007


Susan from Food Blogga

It warms my heart that you are continuing your grandmother's tradition and are generous enough to share the recipe with all of us for Eat Christmas Cookies. They are so festive and must be delicious. I've never tasted Spritz before, but I'd love to now! Thanks so much, Chelsea. -Susan


Chelsea, these are gorgeous! So dainty and pretty.

Claudia Dunitz

I am SO glad I came across your recipe! My great aunt used to make butter spritz cookies every Christmas and getting a tin was one of the highlights of the season. I had her recipe written in the front of a NYT cookbook, and the book mysteriously dissapeared from my dad's house a few years ago. I was heartbroken to lose that recipe as That entire branch of my family is gone now and I have no way to replace it. Your's sounds very close to what I remember as hers. Thank you for posting it - I'm going to try them this week!

Susan from Food Blogga

Hey Chelsea! Just wanted you to know I included your delicious cookie in my latest article at Foodie View. Happy Holidays!


I came across your recipe while searching for cookie press recipes. I just bought a Wilton Cookie Press (very inexpensive, and I thought, why not?) and until tonight, I'd never used one. I used it to make cheese cookies (cheese straws) and then, used your recipe (I essentially halved it) and made what I think are the cutest little green trees and wreaths. Just wanted to say thanks and to also let you know that I found a press that doesn't make me (a total novice) mutter obscenities. :) Happy Christmas!


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