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December 06, 2007



it looks amazing! i would be so proud of myself if i made something like this.

Happy Cook

Just wanted to ask you does the dough has to be rolled ? Can we just put nuts or raising in it and mix the dough and bake like a nut bread or raisin bread


I think that the bread needs to be rolled or folded or even chopped up and put back into the pan. Whatever form you like is fine with me - It just needs to be a yeasty bread, not a quick bread.

Rebecca - Thanks for the compliment and I hope you make a beautiful bread to show to all of us! Can't wait to see it!

Happy Cook

Thankyou for the information.
I will try my luck in making something for your event.


This is my contribution


I've just posted my entry and I've written you by email. Happy hosting! ab.


My contribution:,-potato-stuffed-bread.html

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

I just sent you the entry details, my contribution:

zainab & meedo

I just sent you the entry details.
My participation:
sahan fatayer

My sister participation:
Lofafat Dajaj Bel Khodar


here is my contribution:

Bread Making Machines

Thanks for the post.

Bread Making Machines

Great post! Thanks.


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That is wonderfull, I really appreciate your hardwork. Anyway you might like this or Thanks


That is wonderfull, I really appreciate your hardwork. Anyway you might like this or Thanks


That is awesome...You said it right. Anyway you may want to check this out or Thanks

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